Although storing critical data has improved the efficiency of many companies, concerns of storage performance often prevent certain enterprise applications from being virtualized. Storage solutions must deliver low latency and high IOPS for virtual server environments that are running performance-hungry, business-critical applications; such as VDI, SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle, etc.

SAN storage integration with hypervisor and operating system software enables snapshots for virtual machine images, and application-consistent snapshots for application data. SAN storage arrays need to be fully redundant without a single point of failure, and active/active controllers for maximizing business investment in array hardware.

Reduce the storage capacity needs for virtual servers by data reduction technologies; such as data deduplication and data compression across flash and hard disk drives. Moreover, deduplication and compression act as performance multipliers by maximizing the use of storage and cuts down storage acquisition and operational costs.

There are many different SAN storage systems which serve the performance and data storage requirements for individual business needs. Metadata IT can provide the solution for the best storage choice: